Jack London Square Announces Fruit & Juice Company Sundia as New Tenant

Oakland, CA –Jack London Square Investors announced Friday that Sundia Corporation, the upstart juice maker and produce company, has chosen the waterfront Oakland property as their new corporate headquarters. Sundia Corporation is the nation’s fastest growing produce company, and recently moved to beautiful Jack London Square from a space in San Francisco.

“We are very happy at our new office in Jack London Square. We immediate fell in love with the view, and the weather is beautiful,” raved Sundia COO Dan Hoskins. “As a company that operates a worldwide business , our proximity to Oakland Airport and the Port of Oakland is an added attraction.”

Jack London Square’s history as the Bay Area’s main produce market won’t be a thing of the past for much longer. Developers Ellis Partners LLC recently broke ground near the waterfront for the new Jack London Market. The one million square-foot project will include the largest public market on the West Coast, and will play a major role in helping the Oakland to regain its past title as the destination for high-quality fresh produce. The Jack London Market will feature up to 70 different sustainable vendors, most from around the Bay Area, and will be the culinary and cultural center of gravity in the East Bay.

“It’s hard to think of a better fit for the new Jack London Square than Sundia,” said Jim Ellis, founder and partner of Ellis Partners LLC, the developers of Jack London Square. “They are a new, fast-growing Bay Area produce company with strong ties to shipping, international markets, and organic goods. They understood the high value of this unique property right away.”

Sundia Corporation debuted on the produce scene in September 2005 with the first watermelon juices on the market. By the following summer, the company had partnered with four of the top five of U.S. watermelon growers and distributors to co-market melons alongside Sundia juices. Recently, Sundia began shipping True Fruit, a line of fruit cups for consumers on-the-go which are now available in over 3000 stores in the U.S. and over 700 in Canada.

About Ellis Partners:
Ellis Partners LLC (www.ellispartners.com) was founded in 1993 for the purpose of acquiring and developing commercial real estate properties. The firm has a long history of championing and completing architecturally significant renovation and development projects.

About Sundia Corporation:
Sundia Corporation is the fastest growing produce brand in North America. Through partnerships with watermelon growers, distributors, and shippers, the Sundia trademark is now on more than 35% of the U.S. watermelon supply and quickly expanding to include other fruits and vegetables. With a goal to promote increased consumption of fruit and vegetables, the Company is rapidly building its product line with innovative products. For more information about Sundia, visit www.sundiacorp.com.

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